When you think of a makeup sponge, maybe you think of the flat white applicator that comes with your compact.

Or perhaps a standard triangular sponge.

However things have come an awful long way recently. You could say that the trusty sponge has evolved into a specialist multi-purpose tool.

These are some of the top tips brought to you by the top cosmetologists near me.

Perfect for blending

A makeup sponge is idea for blending. Especially for products such as bronzers, concealers and highlighters.

When using a brush, the texture can make it hard to create a natural looking airbrushed effect. However a sponge is unique and will allow this effect.

Use your sponge wet

Generally to ensure your liquid foundation is applied with an even application, your sponge should be wet.

However be sure to squeeze the sponge after you have run it under a tap. This will remove any water which is not required.

Another technique is to wrap your sponge in some kitchen towel and squeeze once again. This will remove even more moisture if you are worried about thinning down your foundation too much.

Think of a wet sponge as ideal for application and a dry sponge as perfect for removing any bold lines caused by a brush.

Cleaning your sponge

This should be done regularly and not overlooked.

This helps to maintain the quality of the makeup sponge and also reduces the spread of germs. These can lead to imperfections on your skin.

We have tried and now recommend massaging your makeup sponge with an antibacterial soap after using it. Then simply rinse until it is makeup free.



The harsh reality is that a makeup sponge won’t last forever. Even a top quality sponge which is well looked after.

The texture and quality of the sponge can reduce over time. Especially with regular use.

Look out for signs of wear and replace your sponge when necessary. This will help you continue to get the best results.

Do not rub

We often see people using a makeup sponge to rub on their application.

The key is to ensure that you do not rub. Instead roll, stamp or dab on the foundation. This will produce much more impressive results.


Have you ever used a clean makeup sponge to moisturise your skin?

If not then try it. It is a fantastic way to apply skin creams and even sun protection.

It is not something many people have tried, but those that do are impressed.

If you take at least one thing away from this article then please do try that.

Palette to sponge

As our final nugget of information. Never apply makeup or other products directly onto the sponge itself.

Instead apply it to the back of your hand or a palette first.


This helps you to make a more even application, as well as cutting down on waste products.

Sponges really do come in all types, shapes and sizes. The key is to use them wisely and treat them well.

In return they will look after you.

I really hope you enjoyed reading, and credit must go to the many cosmetologists near me that helped provide input into this list.


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